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PVC Hypalon Aerated Bottom Raft Boat

  • ZM360


The PVC aerated bottom raft boat is a versatile and reliable watercraft for various purposes. Constructed with durable PVC material, it offers excellent resistance to abrasions, UV rays, and harsh weather conditions, ensuring its longevity and durability.

The aerated bottom design of the raft boat provides added stability and buoyancy, making it suitable for both calm and rough waters. The aeration system helps to keep the boat balanced and enhances maneuverability, allowing users to navigate through different water environments with ease.

This raft boat is perfect for fishing enthusiasts as it offers ample space for fishing gear and equipment. The aerated bottom also helps to maintain the freshness and vitality of bait and catch, ensuring a successful fishing experience.

Additionally, the PVC material used in the construction of the boat makes it highly resistant to punctures and tears, providing added safety and peace of mind during water activities.

Whether you're planning a fishing trip, leisurely water exploration, or even whitewater rafting, the PVC aerated bottom raft boat is an excellent choice. Its durability, stability, and functionality make it a reliable companion for various water adventures.



We also according to the requirements of customers to use and the aspects to provide customized services, to achieve customer personalized demand.




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