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Qingdao Joymax Yacht Co.,Ltd is located in a "sailing city" said the beautiful coastal city – Qingdao, Is an independent design and development of yacht company, Established for more than 10 years, providing customers with good quality and diversification of inflatable, FRP type, such as different types of yacht manufacturer, brand: Joymax , The main products are sold in Europe, America, Oceania and all over the world.
Technology Advantages
Meet the research and development and manufacturing of various ship types, while providing services for outboard motor and accessories.For the convenience of the masses of customers to use the yacht, we also provide for the customer in the yacht accessories such as each brand outboard machine,life jackets, sunshape, etc.We also according to the requirements of customers to use and the aspects to provide customized services, to achieve customer personalized demand.
Professional Design
Fiberglass Material
Manufacturing Technology
Quality Control
With strict production technology and strict management, make each performance of the product conforms to the requirements of the European Union CE certification standards, and has achieved the eu CE certification, ect.

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Maintenance Storage Of Rubber Boats

Assembly And disassembly ​​​​​​​

The inflatable rubber boat should be installed and inflated to remove all sharp things...

Operation Manual And Storage ​​​​​​​

Each boat owner shall wear appropriate clothing and be equipped with life jackets...

Maintenance Procedures

Repair leaks or small holes smaller than 1/2 inch (12.7mm) by covering them with a disc with a minimum diameter of 3 inch (76.2mm)...

Assembly And disassembly ​​​​​​​

he load must be evenly distributed. If you are using an outboard motor with...
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We also according to the requirements of customers to use and the aspects to provide customized services, to achieve customer personalized demand.




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