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PARSUN Air Boat Engine China Factory 4 stroke 115HP



1. All aluminum engine without the cylinder sleeve, Four-cylinder in-line, 16-Valve, Common rail injector, Electronic

multi-point fuel injection provides perfect blend of smooth and economic performance.

2. Twin camshafts, each driven independently, intake and exhaust efficiency are dramatically improved, optimizing fuel use during combustion.

3. Timing belt is automatically controlled by tensioner, Extend the service life and the performance is more reliable.

4. Multi-stage fuel filtration: fuel-water separator, build-in fuel filter and high pressure filter, Water content sensor,

ensure the fuel is clean and reliable.

5. Lightweight and compact Power Trim and Tilt unit.

6. With reliable Delphi E.F.I. system and multifunction diagnostic software, F115 is of high quality, long life and easily

maintenance, whilst cutting your fuel and maintenance costs.

7. PARSUN four stroke 115HP EFI engine is controlled by the ECU unit , which ensures the precise amount of air necessary for optimum power and fuel efficiency. Several different sensors continuously monitor the engine's critical functions, They will send out special signals to inform you in advance, such as Over-Rev Limiter, Over-Heat Warning, Start-in-Gear Protection, Lower Oil Pressure Warning, and automatically reduce the engine power to prevent damage.

8. Support CW&CCW propeller for twin engine system. more flexible steering.

9. Equipped with multi-function handle for tiller model. its front-mounted ignition key switch and gear shift controls, to the

easy-to-use throttle control.

10. 35Amp high output alternator is fitted as standard on the F115, to ensure that plenty of power is available for using

multiple accessories. A comforting thought when you are out fishing - at night - or planning a long, lazy day on the river.




We also according to the requirements of customers to use and the aspects to provide customized services, to achieve customer personalized demand.




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